Down in Anzac Square

‘Down’ is in the title because the square sits a level below Ann St and in the Brisbane winter, you can sit there in the sun comfortably out of the Westerlies.

The bottle trees give tremendous character to the square and the huge urbane walls of the old Government Office Blocks define both sides of the space.

The eternal flame is in the Shrine of Remembrance … it’s at the end of the square and is the geometric focus of the layout. The shrine is Brisbane’s version of the home of the Oracle at Delphi …

… in sandstone rather than in marble. Instead of visiting to ask for Apollo’s views through the Oracle, the shrine in Brisbane is visited, most significantly, for the Dawn Service on Anzac Day.

The Square, as a whole, has a strong memorial presence in itself, and the smaller shrines that have, in recent years, been added beside the paths seem to unnecessarily clutter the space.

Hand coloured     515 x 240
Edition of 40       $590