Still pumping . . . after the flood

THE PUMPING STATION at Mt Crosby is just down the hill from my house and I have had this close contact with it since moving up here in 2007. This print captures it just after the 2011 flood when the terraced rock retaining walls, built during the depression, had been partially washed away.

The first stage of this building was built in 1890, and it has been incrementally added to (and partially demolished) with changes in the technology over the years. It was flooded for the first time in 1893 (to the first floor windows) and again in 1974 (to one metre above ground floor) and is still pumping all of Brisbane's water to this day.

It's a pleasant surprise to come upon this heroic large building, with all the gravitas of its history and quality, sitting in the river landscape.

Hand coloured   500 x 300mm
Edition of 40     $490