The Full Story

My daughter, Alice, suggested the Story Bridge as a subject some years ago. She left Brisbane to live in Sydney in '99, and is nostalgic for bits of the old home town. Then an old friend, Maria, whose parents had run (whilst living at) a rental accommodation block in New Farm, just downstream from the bridge, asked me to consider the same subject matter for a print for her approaching 'significant' birthday.

I like the bridge but had no interest in the city towers as a dominating background, so tried to conceive of a view looking downstream that did the double cantilever span a sort of epic justice. I also, having grown up and lived most of my life in Brisbane, have a deep feeling for the old meandering river's major role as a disorienting device as it winds through the town's more rectangular take on organising space.

Early and current animal life get a nod, with the kangaroo and ibis references. Some of the sheds under the bridge have been given 'the flick' by me, and the wharf made more habitable.

Hand coloured   500 x 300mm
Edition of 40     $490