A Game in the Park

I like Queen’s Park in Ipswich and would like to make a number of prints about it, this being the first although Grass on Limestone is just across the road.

There are Tennis Courts and Croquet Greens in the park, both of which have good pavilions associated with them, the Tennis Pavilion in fact being on the heritage register. I’m always a sucker for a good building, especially one in use.

I formed the idea that I could seamlessly collage the two games together to get a richer reading of the Park’s activities. This led to some ambiguity with the spatial arrangements of the games intersecting while the pavilions calmly looked on.

I entered it in the 2013 Ipswich Art Awards. It didn’t get up but sold at the show to the people who own the pub across the road from the park (the Ulster just down from Limestone Hill) and the first print of the edition is now appropriately hanging there in the bar.

Hand coloured   500x300mm
Edition of 40     $490