Grass on Limestone

Approaching Ipswich from Brisbane, the rockwork on Limestone Hill, done during the Depression of the 1930s, makes a memorable entry to the town. The terraced slope gives the hill the appearance of a great ‘ziggurat.’ The terrace walls are made from local limestone, dramatising the landscape where the explorer Alan Cunningham is said to have camped under the fig trees in 1828.

I wanted to enter the 2012 Ipswich Art Awards and decided this would make a good subject. I went to the hill early one morning and saw two people using the park surrounds. One was a homeless guy checking the rubbish bins; the other was a woman walking her dog. I decided that this would not be the best background for an image of tough social commentary so I opted for the dog walking.

My builder mate, Lon Murphy, lives in Ipswich and had an elderly dog called Bea (short for Beatrice) so they were the models. The print won ‘Best of the Show’ that year, and one of the judges bought the first one of the edition. Lon was glad I had made it too because Bea died soon afterwards.

Hand coloured   500x300mm
Edition of 40     $490