Box office

The box office in this print is at the front of the Public Hall (Alexandra Hall) at Toogoolawah, a country town 85 km up the Brisbane Valley from Mt Crosby. It has long been a favourite building of mine and I went up recently, in the evening to see them lining up to buy their tickets. Every second person was carrying a pillow which would make for a very comfortable night indeed, on the elongated canvas 'deck chair type' seats inside.

The film I have advertised on the front of the hall, The Hunter, is not the one that was on that night. It's a film that my daughter, Alice, had written the screenplay for and it had just been released at the time of making the print. I had been present at the premiere earlier in the year at the Toronto Film Festival, so this was a further marker, albeit fanciful, of the event. Maybe they'll show it in Toogoolawah one day!

hand coloured   500x300mm
edition of 40     $490