In Between

The most recent road and railway bridges to cross the Brisbane River, the Go Between and the Merivale, do so very close to each other. Between the bridges by the South Brisbane bank, there is a small site occupied by the Foggitt Jones building, an old brick warehouse from the early 20th century, occupied for many years by a small goods company of that name. Today it is owned by Parmalat (Pauls) Milk but the old name clings tenaciously in peeling paint to the western brickwork.

I've always liked the straightforward quality of the essay in brickwork and openings with concrete lintels. Its southern wall, although containing windows, had anticipated the possibility of becoming a party wall with its parapet. Now with the bridge approaches alongside, it seems like quite a prescient gesture. I've done a little landscaping, compression and demolition of tawdry building additions to make the image in this print...long may Foggitt Jones continue to survive 'In Between'.

Hand coloured     375 x 300
Edition of 40       $540