My daughter has a tea towel on display in her apartment in Sydney showing the Glasshouse Mountains and pineapples. Although she has lived in Sydney since 1999, she is sentimental about her Queensland childhood and asked me to make her a bookplate with this as a theme.

I thought the tea towel didn’t dramatise the potential relationship between the pineapples and the crater plugs enough so I lowered the point of view. Now Mt Beerwah, the pineapple and Mt Coonowrin fight it out for prominence with the fields under crop folding up to the mountains in the background.

The lettering for the bookplate was done on the computer before reduction. The title for this edition of prints comes from Mt Coonowrin’s popular name. I thought it could equally apply to the curved long stem sprouting the pineapple.

b&w linocut     300x300mm
Edition of 40   $320